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Racy Costumes is a showcase of people in sexy, naughty, tempting, and flirty costumes.

We are always looking for new models as the more different looks the better when it comes to costume play.

What we are always willing to shoot is you in your racy costume.
You must have your own costume and supply your own props if any are to be used.
What you get for this is a CD with images in a file format and size suitable for printing and a permanent online photo gallery.

This is also how we do our model searches.
These are not paid photo shoots.

We also are always shooting at least one special project.
Our current special project is elves and santa girls.
For this we supply the costumes.

Paid Modeling
We have many opportunities for currently working models who have great portfolios and also for aspiring models wishing to make a name for themselves and a little money to go with it.

If you are a currently working model and wish to expand to costume-fantasy modeling please send me an email with your interests along with your site information.
If you are an aspiring model please send an email detailing your experience, what kind of modeling you wish to do and some jpg format sample photos.
Email Aarron Here
For these shoots we obviously supply costumes, hair, makeup, etc....

It's here!
The 2009
Naughty Costume Contest

With Huge Prizes
Red Region.
Check out how to enter
the naughty costume contest
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This Racy ragdoll wants you to Check out the naughty costume contest
You could win
up to
$1,000.00 dollars
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In Our 2009
Naughty Costume Contest!

Types of modeling work available in relation to RacyCostumes.com

Racy Costumes - Gallery pages - These are single person racy photo galleries. These are the staple of this site. Usually you will be modeling in exchange for copies of the photos.
We do however need a few feature models for the project and these will be paid shoots that require a bit more time do to special sets, costumes, hair, and makeup etc..

Racy Costumes - Fun Features - These are usualy single person (but not always) shoots that we do with models we have used before in our gallery shoots.
Usually you will be modeling in exchange for copies of the photos or a small payment of $50

Racy Costumes - Special Features - These are usualy single person (but not always) very elaborate costume shoots.
Pay scale is $50 to $200 for this and you will have some very fancy pictures and get a lot of exposure.

Please note that ALL photos used on RacyCostumes.com are child friendly. They are racy, sexy, and often a bit naughty, but nothing you can't see on prime time TV or in any of the popular animated movies being made. I think of the site as PG. Suggestive, but nothing else.
Also note that your CD will contain print sized images and images reduced for use on the web so you can use them on your favorite sites.

Costume Allure - Gallery pages - These are single person costume photo galleries.
These are a bit more racy than what we have on Racy Costumes, but the same type of photo galleries.
We will usually shoot you in 2 or more costumes rather than one.
Pay scale is $50 to $200 for this and a CD

Costume Allure - Special Features - These are usualy single person (but not always) very elaborate costume shoots. Very Racy, Very Sexy.
Pay scale for this is $100 to $300 and a CD

Please note that not all photos used for Costume Allure are child friendly. As I compaired Racy Costumes to a PG rated movie, I would compare Costume Allure to an R rated movie. Something you would see on a movie chanel rather than regular TV.
Not an X rated site, it is still adult oriented.

OTHER - I am currently shooting for close to a dozen web projects with more on the way.
Most of the projects are mine, some are for other sites however and the content spans the imagination.
I also shoot custom content for website owners and print media. Mostly fetish and theme photos-videos.
So, I am always looking for new models for not just my own pet projects like Racy costumes, but for other projects as well. If you are interested in other types of modeling besides costume modeling just send me your info detailing your experience (or lack of) what kind of modeling you wish to do and some jpg format sample photos.
Email Aarron Here
Or you may stop in and talk to me in person at
Red Region - 108 West First ST, Port Angeles.
between the hours of noon and six pm tuesday through Saturday

All models must be 18 years of age or older. 2 forms of ID will be required.

A Special Note to Males - I am in need of some well built males who are fit and trim for costume modeling.
If you think you have a great body and would like to try modeling give me a shout.

CostumeHUB has a huge selection of sexy costumes,
and features premier brands such as: Leg Avenue, Dreamgirl, and Playboy!

Sexy Costumes

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Racy Costumes is the place for you if you love playing dress-up, enjoy sexy role playing games, or just plain love costumes in general.
The rule here is to keep it sexy, make sure it's naughty while still being nice and always make sure it's racy.
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